Agric Expo

First Bank of Nigeria Limited has historically played a key role in financing different sectors of not just the Nigerian economy, but other economies in sub-Saharan Africa. As Nigeria further builds its non-oil sector, Agriculture, after several years of neglect, is now on the front burner. In recognition of the Federal Government’s efforts at moving Agriculture to the next level, the Bank’s determination of being an overall contributor to the growth of the sector cannot be overemphasized.

The Bank, having a priority of being a continuous financier of creditworthy agro-allied businesses, has a team of dedicated agricultural professionals, specialized in various fields of agriculture, and strategically positioned to identify and support agricultural enterprises covering the entire geographical regions of the country with a suite of sector/customer friendly agricultural financing solutions tailored towards the Bank’s support of the sector.

FirstBank has a large base of existing small, medium and commercial agribusiness clients across Nigeria who operate in all segments of the agricultural value chain covering primary production, storage, processing, packaging, and agro-export, etc.

Thus, we can proudly say “Tell us the range of small scale farmers to the largest corporates in the country and beyond and we tell you the range of our agricultural offerings that exist to support”.

About FirstBank Agric Expo

The Agric expo brings together stakeholders in the Agric sector, who are eager to explore ways of collaborating to boost the value chain in the sector and improve the financing model for what is noted as a viable industry.

The Agric Expo is part of the banks commitment to supporting agric businesses across the value chain. The Agric Expo launched in 2017 was designed as a lead to national discourse on the economic benefits of sustainable agriculture value-chain as an alternative source of economic development and foreign exchange through export.

The 2018 Agric expo was geared to drive conversations and collaborations that promote sustainable businesses for Agropreneurs, while creating avenues for growth and increased per capita income in the larger economy. Minister of Agriculture and Rural development, Audu Ogbeh, was the special guest of honor at the expo, while Doyin Salami, a Senior Fellow/Associate Professor and full-time member of the Faculty at the Lagos Business School delivered the keynote address on the theme of the day.

The MD, Dr Adesola Adeduntan has said the bank is building a strong alliance with the agro-services sector, manifest in the expo and remained optimistic about the sector’s prospects which has been demonstrated by the bank in its agric schemes.

For the third consecutive year, we will host key stakeholders in the nation’s
agrobusiness space at the FirstBank Agric Expo 3.0.

The expo will feature three (3) Masterclasses aimed at providing in-depth exposition on specific areas of Agricultural business. The classes will be facilitated by enterprising Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who will share their success stories and experiences in that business segment.

The three Masterclasses shall be on:

  • Agricultural Export (targeted at processors and exporters of agricultural commodities)
  • Agricultural Innovations (targeted at young people and upcoming agricultural entrepreneurs interested in innovations and trends in agriculture)
  • Agricultural Input and Mechanization (spotlighting opportunities in agrobusiness)

The theme for this year’s FirstBank Agric Expo is “Agricultural Value Chain – Spotlighting Opportunities and Managing Risks”

What to look out for in this edition:

  • Federal Government Agric policy outlook.
  • Linkages between different scales of operations along the Agric value chain.
  • Opportunity to showcase new and existing produce/products.
  • Opportunity for partnership.
  • Access to policy makers, key stakeholders, and prospective clients.

The third edition of the FirstBank Agric Expo holding in Lagos, will see over 40 exhibitors display the latest in farm equipment, well packaged finished foods, logistics and value chain opportunities; to an audience of small, medium and large-scale farmers and others plugged into the food value chain.

Exhibitors to watch out for in this edition:

  • Olam Nigeria
  • TGI/Wacot
  • Presco Plc
  • Sona Group
  • T.G. Arla
  • Friesland Nigeria
  • Amo Group
  • Flour Mills Nigeria
  • Honeywell Group
  • Celplas Industries

The Expo, which will be strictly by invitation to registered participants and key players in the Agric value chain, is aimed at galvanizing thoughts towards innovations and emerging trends in the Agrobusiness l space that will engender sustainable development for both businesses and the economy as a whole.

Meet Our Speakers

President Oramah Picture (2)

Professor Benedict Orama
President/Chairman AFREXIMBANK
Keynote Speaker

Mr Gbenga Shobo
First Bank of Nigeria Limited


Wilma Aguele

Mrs Wilma Aguele
Wilbahi Investments Limited


Sani Danote Picture

Alhaji Sani Dangote
VP Dangote
Group of Industries



Mr Bamidele Ayemibo
Lead Consultant,
3T Impex Trade Academy



Mr Segun Ogunwale
Team Lead,
Kominity Digital


Leonard Picture

Mr Leonard Anyanwu
Group Executive Director, Saroafrica International

“If we cannot grow food and feed ourselves, we don’t exist as a Nation.”

– Chief Audu Ogbeh
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Thank you for attending the FirstBank Agric Expo 2019

We look forward to inviting you to future engagements.

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