Firstmonie Agent

A Firstmonie Agent enables you to:

  • Transfer money
  • Withdraw/receive money
  • Pay bills save/deposit money into your account
  • Buy airtime, and
  • Perform other transactions

all in the comfort of where you live or work.

1. Who can transact at a Firstmonie Agent?
Everyone – whether you are a FirstBank customer or a customer of another Bank, we’ve got you covered!

2. What will I get as evidence for transactions processed at the Agent’s location?

  • A receipt for every transaction
  • An SMS alert from your Bank for your transactions.

3. How will I identify a genuine Firstmonie Agent?
Every Agent has a Certificate of Registration and an Identification Number that can be verified at any FirstBank branch, or through the FirstBank contact center.

4. What are the benefits of transacting through a Firstmonie Agent

  • Saves money – no travel costs to the nearest bank branch or ATM point
  • Saves time – no queues
  • Easy to use – transactions can be processed with or without an ATM card
  • Safe to use – transactions are PIN protected
  • Visit any FirstBank Branch
  • Call any of the following numbers:
    • 0700FIRSTMONIE (0700-34778-66643)
    • 01-4485500
    • 0708-062-5000
  • Send an email to

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