World Remit is an online financial service that enables a sender to send money from any location to friends and family anywhere and everywhere around the world. It is an app-based service which implies that any transaction can be initiated from the sender’s computer and other smart devices. It is a convenient, fast and secure service.

FirstBank partners with WorldRemit so your loved ones can send you money online and you can receive directly to your bank account.

The features and benefits of the product

  • Transfer available in over 50 send countries including all states in the United States of America
  • Low-cost
  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Trusted

Create convenience for both sender and receiver! Tell your loved ones abroad to use WorldRemit.

How to use:

The Online model lets customers transact 24/7 from computer, smartphone or tablet once the app is downloaded and the new user is registered. Sender should choose “send to FirstBank accounts ONLY” to send to receivers’ accounts.

1)What services does WorldRemit offer?

  • WorldRemit offers: Bank deposit, cash pick up. However, FirstBank only offers the bank deposit service.

2) Will I pay any fees?

No, the sender bears all charges.

3) Where can I receive money from?

  • WorldRemit offers money transfers to more than 150 countries. The transfer will be credited directly to the recipients account in FirstBank /Other banks.

4) How much can I receive?

  • Recipients will receive the exact amount sent by the sender

5) How long will it take for the money to arrive?

  • Instantly.

6) How do I know when I receive a transfer?

  • Recipients will receive an SMS alert on their mobile phones.

7) Do I need to supply identification to receive a transfer ?

  • No. However, identification may be required when we commence the cash pick up service.

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