The Verve Card is powered by Interswitch, secured with chip and pin technology. Your Verve card allows you to conveniently pay for goods and services because it is accepted by all payment channels and bank branches connected to the Interswitch network in Nigeria.


  • Secured with chip and pin technology for enhanced protections of funds.
  • Denominated in Naira
  • Accepted wherever the Interswitch logo or verve logo is displayed in Nigeria.
  • Valid for Quickteller services
  • Transactions done with the card can easily be monitored via the FirstBank internet banking service
  • 24 hour access to support  for all card related complaints through FirstContact.



  • Easy access to funds 24 hours each day
  • Eliminates the risk and inconvenience of carrying cash
  • Flexible, can be used across multiple channels – POS, Web, ATMs
  • Multiple Value-Added Services – Airtime recharge, Bills payments, e.t.c.
  • Enjoys discounts targeted at Verve cardholders. This is an exclusive collection of discounts for Verve cardholders. Please visit the and carry the program’s benefits wherever you go.

How to Apply?

To apply for a FirstBank verve card,

  • Visit any FirstBank branch t complete an application form. the request could be done on the FirstMobile App and on the FirstBank internet banking page.
  • To apply for a FirstBank Verve Card,
    • Visit any FirstBank Branch to complete an application form. The request could also be done on the FirstMobile App and on the FirstBank internet banking page.

1: Can Verve cards work on the web?

Yes, but only on websites bearing the Interswitch or Verve acceptance logo.

2: How do I activate my card?         

Activate your Verve card by selecting your preferred PIN (Personal Identification Number) on the Customer PIN Selectable Machine’ at our Customer Service Desk before leaving the branch OR visit any FirstBank ATM to perform PIN change.

3: Can I use my Verve card to shop on all websites (domestic & international)?

Verve card works only on “domestic” websites bearing the Interswitch or Verve acceptance logo.

4: What is my PIN?

PIN stands for “Personal Identification Number”. It is the four-digit number known only to you and used to complete transactions on ATMs and other pertinent payment devices.

5: How do I shop on the web?

Select the item you wish to purchase, proceed to ‘Checkout’, provide your Verve card number, provide your Expiry date, provide the CVV number (the last three digits appearing on the back of your card, beside the signature panel), and input your PIN using the secure keypad displayed on your screen.

6: How do I protect my Verve card from fraud?

  • Do not disclose your PIN to anyone.
  • Keep your card safe and out of sight and reach of others.

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