Platinum MasterCard

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A premium debit card with extra convenience benefits. This includes a mix of travel benefits, preferential treatments and rewards, higher transaction limits, and access to exclusive products and clubs by partner organizations. This offering is strictly by invitation.


  • Accepted worldwide – pay for goods and services at over 29 million locations and withdraw cash from over 1.8 million ATMs worldwide
  • Safe – eliminates the risk and inconvenience of carrying cash
  • Secure with Chip & PIN technology
  • Effective funds management – Transactions done with the card can be easily monitored via the First Bank Internet Banking service.
  • Dependable support – 24 hour access to support for all card-related complaints through our Contact Centre – First Contact.
  • Naira denominated, can be linked to a FirstBank current or savings account
  • Valid for 3years
  • Increased limits on Local POS and Online transactions are available on request.



  • The card is strategically positioned to continually meet cardholders evolving needs
  • The card gives the cardholder individual recognition of status and aspiration
  • Access to global e-commerce (shopping on sites across the world)
  • Enjoys promotions targeted at MasterCard cardholders
  • EMV technology that prevents cloning of cards.
  • Access to the MasterCard Global Services (emergency customer service — anytime, anywhere, and in any language. Cardholders can access all services provided by their issuers, MasterCard, and third-party processors etc.)
    • Emergency Cash Advance – applicable where a customer’s card is unavailable and cash is urgently needed. With this service, offered by MasterCard, cash can be remitted to the cardholder via money transfer services (MoneyGram or Western Union) pending when a replacement card is issued to the customer.
    • Emergency Card Replacement – for urgent replacement of lost or stolen cards; a service offered by MasterCard as a temporary measure/bridge, pending when the customer’s replacement personalized card is produced.
    • Virtual Payment Concierge – MasterCard arranges a ‘card not present’ Transaction at dining, hotel, and transportation merchants (pending merchant approval) while an emergency card is in transit.
  • Higher daily local limits while transacting at various channels (ATM: N300,000, POS: N3,000,000 and Web: N2,000,000)
  • Access to MasterCard Moments world-class shopping experience – travel, dining, shopping and other lifestyle privilege. (

Who can apply?

Customers with an annual turnover of N40,000,000.00 or more.

Card Issuance Fee: N1,000

Card Replacement Fee: N1,000

1) What is the card issuance fee for the Platinum Debit MasterCard?

  • N1,000


2) What is the minimum account balance at the point of card issuance?

  • N50,000. This is required as the point of processing the card request.


3) Is the Platinum Debit MasterCard open to all customers?

  • This is strictly by invitation


4) What is a Platinum Debit MasterCard?

  • The FirstBank Platinum Debit MasterCard is a Premium debit card denominated in Naira and issued in partnership with MasterCard Worldwide. It is linked directly to a customer’s Naira denominated Current and/or Savings account. This product, which is a higher variant of the Naira MasterCard, is aimed at giving high net-worth customers enhanced value and experiences worldwide.


5) What is the difference between the Naira MasterCard and the Platinum Debit MasterCard?

  • The Naira MasterCard and Platinum Debit MasterCard offer customer access to their Naira savings/current account for local and international use. However, the Platinum Debit MasterCard is designed for HNI customers desiring to carry a card that befits their status and differentiate them from the mass market.  This product provides them a platform to enjoy premium offerings and value added services from MasterCard worldwide.


6) What are the benefits of the Platinum Debit MasterCard?

  • Higher daily limits while transacting at various channels.
  • Complimentary access to a concierge service 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Special access to some elite airport lounges
  • Emergency Assistance.
  • Purchase and Fraud protection – shop with confidence, knowing that all your transactions has theft and damage insurance.
  • MasterCard Moments – access to exclusive shopping experience, for travel, dining, shopping and other lifestyle privileges. Visit the MasterCard moments website (


7) What are the transaction fees for this product?

  • Web Purchase Fee:                                 Free
  • POS Purchase Fee:                                 Free
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee:                           N1,000 (International only)
  • PIN Re-issue Fee:                                   Free.

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