FirstBank Visa Classic Debit card

The FirstBank Visa Debit card is a dual currency card linked to both your Naira Current or Savings account and US Dollar Domiciliary account. Transactions done while in Nigeria are debited to your Naira account while transactions done outside the country are debited to your US Dollar Domiciliary account.


  • Dual currency card which can be linked to both Naira and Dollar account.
  • Require no Cash collateral before issuance.
  • Acceptable locally and internationally on ATM, POS and WEB worldwide.
  • EMV – Chip and PIN
  • Daily Local ATM withdrawal limit of N150,000
  • Daily international ATM withdrawal limit of $1,000
  • Daily international POS transaction  limit of $2,500
  • Daily international Web transaction  limit of $6,250
  • POS/Web limit increase available upon request
  • Card validity period of 3 years


  • Enhanced security (EMV Chip & PIN) card that ensures safety of your funds and transactions.
  • Spend Naira from your Naira account and Dollars from your domiciliary account.
  • Global Acceptance for ATM withdrawals, payment at POS terminals as well as online to pay for goods and services.
  • Pay less for cash transactions and risks associated with cash.

How to Apply?

To apply for a FirstBank Visa Classic Debit card,

  • Visit any FirstBank branch to complete an application form.

To apply for a FirstBank Visa Classic Debit Card

1: How do I get a Visa Classic Debit card?

Complete an application form at any of our branches.

2: How many accounts can be linked to my Visa Debit card?

Your card is linked to two accounts – a Naira account to enable you spend Naira when in Nigeria and a Dollar account to enable you spend when abroad. Therefore, you need to ensure that your domiciliary account is linked and funded, if you intend to use your Visa card internationally.

3: How long will it take to get my Visa card after submitting my application?

72 hours from when your application is received.

4: How do I activate my Visa Classic Debit card?

To activate your Debit card, please perform a PIN change on any First Bank ATM nationwide.

5: Can my card be used to make purchases on the internet?

Yes. Your card can be used on millions of websites that accept Visa cards for payment.

6: When will my card expire?

The expiry date is printed on your card. It is 3 years from the date of issuance of your card.

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