Visa Infinite

The First Visa Infinite is the highest card in the Visa range of card products targeted at the top 1% to 5% of the bank’s customers. In addition to the credit limit availed, it also offers access to the finest things in life no matter where the card holder is by offering an extraordinary selection of distinctive travel, dining, shopping and lifestyle opportunities


  • Default Credit Limit: $15,000 minimum (unless a higher limit is requested by the prospective cardholder)
  • Maximum facility tenor of 36 months
  • Billing cycle of 30 days
  • Collateral: 120% of credit limit on USD, GBP or EURO Fixed Deposit Account in the bank, with a lien placed on it throughout the tenor of the card
  • Minimum operating Balance of $100


  • Access to unique privileges and experiences, including international concierge and premium insurance services
  • Guaranteed transactions success rates and acceptance across all channels
  • Interest free period of up to 45 days
  • Flexible repayment – Minimum repayment of 15% of the total monthly outstanding.
  • Access to international emergency services
  • Emergency Card Replacement
  • Emergency Cash Advance via money transfer services (MoneyGram or Western Union)


Visa Infinite Card request is by invitation.>

To apply for the Visa Infinite, visit any FirstBank branch closest to you to complete an application form.

1) Is the Visa Infinite card a Debit or a Credit card?

  • The Visa Infinite is offered as either a Credit Card or Debit card.
  • For Credit Card variant; client provides collateral value up to 120% of the credit limit sought.
  • For Debit Card variant; client enjoys the flexibility of funding card account as and when required.

2) Target Market?

  • Owners/ MDs of organizations and conglomerates that meet the minimum qualifying criteria
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals

3) Cost of issuance of Visa Infinite Card and associated fees

  • Card joining/Reissue Fee: $3
  • Annual Maintenance Fee: $20 (Taken upfront)
  • Interest Fees: 2.5% flat (Outstanding Balance)
  • Default Fee: 0.25% flat per month
  • Card Replacement Fee: $3
  • Supplementary Card Fee: $3
  • PIN Re-issue Fee: $2
  • POS & Web Fee: Free
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee: $3
  • POS Cash Advance Fee: $3+1%

4) Will a lien be placed on my US Domiciliary account with respect to my desired limit on the Visa Gold card?

  • Yes, a lien of 120% will be placed on USD, GBP or EURO account to secure the funds throughout the tenor of the card

5) What are the daily usage limits for my Visa Infinite card?

  • ATM cash withdrawals – $1,000 (total frequency – 5 times)
  • Purchases (POS) – $25,000 (total frequency – 20 times)
  • Purchases (Internet) – $25,000 (total frequency – 5 times)

6) How long would it take for my Visa Infinite card to be ready for collection, after I submit my application?

  • For Lagos branches, the Visa Infinite card will be ready for collection 2 business days after application. While for upcountry branches, Visa Infinite cards will be ready for collection 5 business days after application. Please visit a first bank branch to apply. Compulsory hold amount on card is $100.

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