FirstNaira Credit card

The Naira Credit Card is an international credit card that provides an evolving credit line, and offers up to 45 interest free days on utilized funds. Issued in partnership with Visa International, it is accepted for payment at over 29 million locations and for cash withdrawals at over 1.8 million ATMs in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.


  • The NCC has a maximum credit limit of N3, 000, 000
  • The card is denominated in Naira
  • Interest rate is 2.5% monthly which is only on utilized amount and not on total facility amount
  • There is initial interest-free period of up to 45 days.
  • Transactions done with the card can easily be monitored via the Card services feature on Firstmobile, with a 24 hour access to support for all card related complaints through FirstContact.



  • Free online account management tool
  • Free email and/or sms alerts
  • Highly secure with Verified by Visa (VbV)
  • Flexible repayment: Full or Minimum (15% of outstanding indebtedness) repayment options
  • Interest- free period of up to 45 days

To apply for a FirstNaira Credit card,

Please visit any FirstBank branch closest to you to complete an application form.

1) How is interest calculated on my credit card?

  • Interest is calculated on the outstanding balance on your credit card i.e. after making the minimum repayment, 2.5 % interest is calculated on the unpaid balance.


2) Is the Naira Credit Card only available to salary earners?

  • Investment holders (Fixed Deposit, Treasury Bills & CASA) who are ready to use their investment as collateral for cash backed NCC. 120% of availed credit limit is to be liened throughout the tenor of the card.

3) How do I get the Platinum Naira Credit Card?

  • The Platinum Naira Credit Card is the premium version of the NCC card variant.
  • A credit limit of N1,000,000 and above qualifies you for a Platinum Naira Credit Card which affords you more premium benefits.


4) What are the fees associated with the Naira Credit card?

  • Issuance fee – N1,000
  • Annual maintenance fee – N600   i.e. N50/Month
  • Insurance Fee – N1,500
  • Purchase fee (POS, Internet) – Free
  • Web fee – Free
  • ATM withdrawal fee – 3%
  • Card Replacement Fee – N1,000
  • Interest Fee – 2.5%

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