Fiesta of Flavours

fiesta of flavours

About 2018 Fiesta of Flavours

Fiesta of Flavours is a world class food and wine fair, that holds annually at Harbour Point in Victoria Island Lagos since its premier edition in 2015.  The fun food and beverage fair hosted by Eventful, provides an avenue for attendees to fully experience the entertainment, art and business of food.  It showcases the best in local and international cuisine, cutting edge food technology and cooking techniques, and the best beverages, wines and spirits the world has to offer.  It also provides management and training seminars alongside competitions, food demonstrations and performances and a live band.

FirstBank has continuously, reinforced its commitment to supporting the entire agricultural value chain from production to consumption, creating opportunities for SMEs in the food sector and promoting economy diversification by partnering with the Eventful team year after year to host ‘Fiesta of Flavours’ using it as an opportunity to connect with all our customers, irrespective of their socioeconomic status and age.

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fiesta of flavours


December 9, 2018


11am – 9pm


Harbour Point –  V.I, Lagos

fiesta of flavours

fiesta of flavours logo Event Activities

To mark the start of the event and set the tone, a short ceremony will be held. Dignitaries and corporate executives from the food and beverage industry will be invited to the event. The ceremony will give sponsors an opportunity to be heard and will be covered by press for further promotion of the event.

Wines and Spirits Tasting

Wine, spirits and enthusiasts will be walked through the exotic tastes of the best and most exclusive vintages of the world.

Premium Wine and Spirits Auction

Wine, spirits and champagne enthusiasts will be walked through the exotic tastes of the best and most exclusive vintages of the world and allowed to bid to purchase those products.

Staff Training Seminars

High level management and owners of food and beverage service providers will be encouraged to pay for their staff to attend these training sessions. Waiters, hostesses, chefs, bartenders and other lower level staff will be taught etiquette, presentation, new techniques and given general knowledge that improves their job performance. These sessions will be conducted by world class experts in the field of food service.

Management Seminars

These are for owners and top management within the food and beverage industry. Experts in several fields will be invited to give talks and engage in question and answer sessions. The seminars will also create a networking opportunity for decision makers in the industry. Managers will be educated on best practices the world over and given tools to grow their businesses.


 Every day of the event, fun food related contests will be held to engage guests and make them feel a part of the fair. Prizes will be up for grabs.

Celebrity Guest Chefs

Internationally recognized chefs will be invited to give cooking demonstrations, meet fans and prepare dinner for a paying, exclusive group of guests.

Food Demonstrations

Gourmet chefs will cook meals on stage to be seen by all on a big screen. Popular Nigerian recipes will be prepared in a creative and innovative manner.

Live Bands

 Every evening, a popular live band will be invited to play music and entertain late night visitors

Kids Cooking Classes

 Kids will be taught how to carry out basic cooking activities in a fun, vibrant environment.

Product Testing

 New brands will have the opportunity to serve their products and get feedback from potential customers.

Activities and Games

 There will be an array of other activities that can be enjoyed by fair goers to keep them entertained amidst all the food and drink being consumed.

Targeted Marketing Sessions

 Distributors will be linked with buyers in these sessions. One time only deals will be given to people willing to strike deals with distributors at the event.

Food Related Performances

 Spectacular food performances that entertain the crowd will be conducted e.g. tepanyaki and extreme cocktail mixology.

Best Street Food of Lagos

in the months leading up to the fair, and as part of a robust marketing campaign, Eventful will be asking Lagosians to vote for the best places to get their favourite street treats e.g. suya, designer rice, shawarmas and boli. The people with the highest votes in each category will be invited to the fair. This will be another activity that drives traffic to the event as people will come to eat foods that they usually do not have easy access to, all in one place. It will also be a boost to many small businesses as the winners will be given stalls for free.

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