Start Performing Acts of Random Kindness (SPARK)

SPARK kindness manifesto

SPARK is an initiative that focuses on creating and reinforcing a consciousness/mindset of showing compassion, empathy; as well as giving to others aimed at inspiring people to make a difference

We believe that every act of kindness (regardless of how little or in whatever form) ignites a ripple effect that goes on without end. We are committed to using the SPARK platform to empower people and create a positive ripple effect that expands and strengthen the Nigerian economy.

Impact Nuggets

Baby Ijeoma got another chance to live… Baby Ijeoma is one of the many beneficiaries nominated through the SPARK initiative platform. She had a heart condition and the parents could not afford N4 million – the estimated cost to help save her life. Through the SPARK initiative, she got a corrective surgery in India in partnership with Vama Wave Foundation.


  • 100 beneficiaries including capital boost petty traders; school fees for students and those with health challenges.
  • Disaster relief support to over 600,000 internally displaced Persons in North East and Benue flood victims.
  • Support for and partnerships with over 22 charities/foundations including the Down Syndrome Foundation; Sickle Cell Foundation; National Association of the Blind; Nigeria Red Cross Society; Pacelli School for Blind and Partially Sighted; International Women Society; United Nations Global Compact.