CRS Week 2019

The Bank’s Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) Week is planned for the 1st – 6th July 2019. The week focuses on reinforcing the value of the SPARK initiative (Start Performing Acts of Random Kindness) through a strategically designed campaign and activities. SPARK is a values-based initiative designed to raise consciousness that we can choose to be kind.

The Bank’s Employee Volunteering and Giving program were instituted with the aim of encouraging employees to give back to the community as well as inculcate in them the integral corporate culture of giving. The program has two dimensions. The Volunteering aspect which entails employees volunteering their time and skills to drive philanthropic activities thus providing opportunities for staff to use their capabilities in varied contexts, develop new skills, partner internally and outside of the Bank and expand their horizons. The second part is the Giving aspect which involves employees giving/donating material resources including cash towards addressing social, economic or environmental challenges.

Approaches to & Focus Areas of Employee Volunteering and Giving Programme

The approaches to the Bank’s Employee Volunteering and Giving program are three-pronged viz:

  • Strategic Alignment: Our volunteering activities/ initiatives must be aligned with our CR&S strategy.
  • Partnerships: The initiatives are also implemented by leveraging existing partnerships such as LEAP, The Down Syndrome Foundation; Junior Achievement; Nigeria Conservation Foundation
  • Participation: Employee Giving & Volunteering is open to all employees for some initiatives

To enable us to deliver value to our stakeholders, we have structured our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability activities and initiatives along with three key priorities namely Responsible Lending & Procurement; Education; Health & Welfare and the Employee Giving & Volunteering program falls under Education, Health & Welfare platforms.

The CR&S Week is a dedicated week designed to offer opportunities for employees to give their time & resources to defined causes in line with the Bank’s CR&S strategic approach. The initiative for the week is SPARK. There are three main activities tied to SPARK proposed to be implemented during this year’s CR&S Week. They are Nice Comments Day; visits to orphanages/homes of the less privileged people; SPARK Launch in schools.

In Nigeria, we plan to implement these activities across the 24 cities in six geopolitical zones. These are:

South-South North East North Central North West South East South West
























These cities have been chosen based on needs assessment and stakeholder engagement.

The purpose of the SPARK giving platform is to crowdfund by enabling and encouraging both staff and external stakeholders to make small contributions/donations to support humanitarian (a) causes. The key objective of the SPARK giving platform is to help drive the goals of SPARK – promoting acts of random kindness by meeting the needs of people and touching lives.

Additional CRS funding: As a crowd funding mechanism, the SPARK Giving Platform has the advantage of pooling small contributions/donations from large of people to fund different causes.

Convenience/Ease of Giving: Recently, it has become a well-established practice of giving to charity through multiple channels including online. A key advantage of online platforms is convenience and like most transactions, a great deal of donors require convenience and ease of giving. This means that irrespective of the types of donors; their donation sizes, they can conveniently and speedily give to charitable causes; using their computers, smartphones and other electronic devices, and their credit cards, debit cards or digital wallets. It is in line with this thinking of ensuring convenience and speed for the donor that the SPARK giving platform is conceived.

Donations Usage: Donated resources would be efficiently used in the following committed areas:

  • Education for young people
  • Widows and Children
  • Elderly & People living with Disabilities
  • Specified interests of donors

Impact of Donations: Donors will be updated about the impact of their donations/contributions and the various causes supported under the SPARK initiative. The SPARK giving platform is designed with the appropriate tools to properly track giving activity and generate reports on donations and initiatives and communicate progress to donors to ensure transparency and best practice.

Donors Privacy Rights, Acknowledgment & Recognition: In line with the applicable laws, respect donors’ rights to privacy; appropriately acknowledge, recognise and publicise donations in consultation with donors, and respect anonymity where requested.

Conditions for accepting donations: In line with the Bank’s corporate responsibility & sustainability strategic approach, donations considered to be illegally obtained or affect the reputation of the Bank shall not be accepted.

Account Number: Cash donations are received through a SPARK dedicated account 2032375514