Sustainable Finance

Driving Sustainable Finance & Investments

We are resolute in our commitment to ensuring that the quality of life and financial security of our stakeholders are guaranteed by providing opportunities that improve their lives, those of their families and members of our host communities. We also put into consideration environmental, social and governance factors while making our day to day business decisions.

Responsible Lending

FirstBank has put in place an Environmental, Social and Governance Management System (ESGMS) policy to enable it drive responsible lending. This policy ensures that all transactions that the Bank is considering funding include adequate provision for actions necessary to prevent, control and mitigate negative impacts on the environment and communities and to improve environmental quality. The Bank has aligned its ESGMS process with its credit workflow and developed an implementation document known as the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) screening checklist.

Financial Inclusion

The Bank has continued to innovate and design sustainable products and services that would meet the needs of its stakeholders, especially people in disadvantaged and low income segments of society who, for various reasons, do not have access to financial services. Through the agency banking model, we have provided financial services for the unbanked and under banked. We have the largest ATM network in Nigeria and we are unrelenting in our efforts in empowering women by consistently supporting them in SMEs. Recently, we created a women-centric product known as FirstGem to offer women the opportunity to build personal wealth. The product runs on two variants of savings and current account which help to target savings for specific reasons and provide access to intervention funds.

Financial Literacy for Youths

The Bank initiated the FutureFirst Financial Literacy Programme as part of efforts aimed at positively impacting the youth segment of the population. FutureFirst Financial Literacy Programme focuses on empowering secondary school students between the ages of 13 and 17years. The key objectives of the programme are to better equip students with the tools and knowledge for long-term financial independence; to equip students with knowledge and better understanding of how businesses are organised and operated and to enable students to develop critical thinking, speaking and leadership skills.

In partnership with Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN), the programme was launched in the last quarter of 2013 and is implemented through a structured Employee Giving and Volunteering platform where our employees offer their time and knowledge in enlightening high school students across the country.

People Empowerment

At the heart of building relationships within the group lies the respect and value we place on our people. Our people sit at the heart of our value propositions…

Community Support

Our community support programmes which are executed in fun ways, connect the FBN Holdings family with our communities, while addressing pressing social issues…

Environmental Sustainability

Part of our long-term approach to sustainability is minimising our direct and indirect impacts on the environment. This has informed our efforts at enhancing resonsible lending…