People Empowerment

As a Bank, we are committed to engendering sustainable development on all facets of human endeavour. We recognise the key role empowerment of our internal stakeholders plays in the actualising of this objective. We therefore maintain a strong ethical posture that fosters team spirit and attainment of excellence. Our work environment is supportive and allows for the personal and professional development of all staff. We constantly seek, identify and adopt new ways of up-scaling the competencies of our people to drive the requisite transformation of our business models. Also, our human resource development goal is to become a hub for the best talents in the industry, and we have structured our training and capability initiatives to focus on the competency requirements of the different roles in line with industry requirements. Our partnership via First Academy (The Bank’s learning Centre created to provide a strategic platform for competence development, knowledge management, culture change, and overall organizational transformation) with many Ivy League schools such as China Europe International Business School, Cornell University, Michigan Ross, etc. recorded a 100% pass rate for all training staff.


We are committed to engendering diversity and inclusion in our business practices. Our commitment to engendering diversity and inclusion is part of efforts to broaden access to talent, secure diversity of perspectives, offer equal opportunities and foster a global mindset. Our workforce comprises of persons of every tribe, culture and religious affiliation in Nigeria including expatriates from other countries. We also employ persons with disabilities; one of them is the former President of the Nigeria Association of the Blind in Nigeria (NAB).

Our stance at engendering diversity and inclusion is further strengthened by the implementation of our Diversity and Inclusion policy. An offshoot of this is the launch of a women’s network to provide an environment for women within the community to share experiences, trade information and learn from each other. We hold a Diversity and Inclusion day to create awareness of the welcoming culture we continually strive to exhibit. We have also created platforms for our employees to actually express themselves and have truly fulfilling experiences. One of such platforms is the Employee Volunteering Scheme. This programme provides an opportunity for employees to volunteer their time and skills in empowering communities where we live and work.


At FirstBank, we are aware that personnel development is critical to our organisation’s success and survival. We therefore expend time and resources in ensuring that our employees acquire the right training to fit perfectly into their roles and job descriptions. This builds confidence in them and enables them deliver to their duties efficiently and effectively. Our responsible approach to empowering our employees includes Talent Management and Capacity Building. Talent Management is a framework designed to have the right people with the right skills doing the right job at the right time and for the right costs.

We consistently ensure that our staff are trained periodically to ensure that they meet the growing challenges of their duties. In addition to face-to-face training approach, we leverage mobile technology in building capacity for our employees. This entails utilizing various E-learning and online learning platforms.


A part of our organisational culture is to create a healthy workforce and work environment to actualise the goals of the organisation. This is inclusive of both their physical and psychological wellbeing. Besides providing health insurance for staff and their families, we have a functional clinic at the sixth floor of the Bank’s Head Office building to cater for the immediate health needs of the Head Office staff. Added to this is regular training of employees and engendering employee participation in the decision making processes of the Bank, equal opportunities for all staff and work-life balance that has seen us practicing lights out by 8:00 p.m. (Our official closing hours being 5 p.m. for regular employees and 3 p.m. for nursing mothers.

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