Environmental Sustainability

Contributing to Environmental Sustainability

Preserving our environment for the present and future generation is a strategic aspect of the Bank’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability activity and initiatives. We recognise that our sustenance and survival are greatly dependent on the sustainability of the environment and communities we operatein. The Bank has thus adopted effective means of minimizing its direct and indirect impact on the environment while conducting its businesses.


Minimise Carbon Footprint and Carbon Offsetting

We set targets to improve efficiency in our data centres, offices as well as reduce air travels and paper use initiatives.

Responsible Lending

The indirect impact of our activities is largely on responsible lending. Responsible lending is about holding our customers accountable by ensuring that the customers/clients we lend to minimse their environmental impacts in their business operations through our environmental, social and governance management frameworks.

Please click here to see the CR&S report for details.


Partnership with Nigeria Conservation Foundation

Our responsible approach to protecting the environment has seen us partner with Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF), Nigeria’s premier non-governmental environment conservation foundation dedicated to nature conservation and sustainable development in Nigeria. FirstBank has an on-going partnership with NCF and actively supports its activities annually in its conservation and preservation of wildlife and bio-diversity.

FirstBank Conservation Initiative

The conservation initiative employs the tree planting and students’ conservation clubs as vehicles to drive environmental protection and conservation. The programme is currently on-going; 240 trees have been planted in two public schools in Lagos and Edo States. 240 environmental sustainability champions have also been raised in these locations. These champions tend to the trees planted and ensure that they are adequately cared for to achieve the Bank’s goal of afforestation. The planting of trees is part of the Bank’s efforts at contributing to Nigeria on the green economy as well as combating deforestation/desertification, while recognising the key role of children/youth in the sustainability agenda.

Sustainable Finance

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People Empowerment

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Community Support

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