Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Week

FirstBank Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Week

Over the years, First Bank has prided itself as a responsible corporate citizen and we have demonstrated our commitment to nation building and making a difference in our society.

To reinforce our commitment to promoting kindness and putting our stakeholders first, we launched the maiden edition of the FirstBank Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Week which is to hold from September 25th – 29th, 2017

The theme for the week – ‘Promoting Kindness; Putting You First’ is a reflection of our brand promise to always put our stakeholders first.

The Week focuses on three key activities. They are:

Giving/Visits to Orphanages/Less privileged homes

One of the key activities for the week is visits and giving to Orphanages in the six (6) geo-political zones in Nigeria and IDP Camps by FirstBank Staff. This is to set in motion a global movement for fostering good in our communities on a scale that has never been seen or done before. In addition, the visits would ensure that a lot of staff can participate as well as customers and friends of the Bank.

Career Counselling

The Career Counselling Day is a great opportunity for the bank to empower the youth segment. Volunteer Staff of the bank will visit various secondary schools across the six (6) geopolitical zones in the country and counsel students between the ages of 13-16 appropriately towards making the right and fulfilling career choices. There will be presentations on Influencing and communication skills, Negotiation skills, etc

Staff Promoting Acts of Random Kindness (SPARK)

The SPARK initiative is designed to expand and deepen our involvement in communities where we operate by integrating and institutionalizing random acts of kindness through engagement. FirstBank Staff will be encouraged to carry out random acts of kindness on the SPARK day and send in pictures, short videos and stories of such random acts of kindness.