Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Sustainable Finance & Investment

corporate responsibility and sustainability

We believe in taking a responsible approach to enhancing the quality of life and financial security of our customers and their families…

Community Support

corporate responsibility and sustainability

Our community support programmes which are executed in fun ways, connect the FBN Holdings family with our communities, while addressing pressing social issues…

People Empowerment

corporate responsibility and sustainability

At the heart of building relationships within the group lies the respect and value we place on our people. Our people sit at the heart of our value propositions…

Environmental Sustainability

corporate responsibility and sustainability

Part of our long-term approach to sustainability is minimising our direct and indirect impacts on the environment. This has informed our efforts at enhancing resonsible lending…

Our Approach

Corporate responsibility and sustainability goes beyond financing economic activity in a responsible way. It’s also about conducting…

corporate responsibility and sustainability

As we report on our material issues regarding Coporate Responsibility and Sustainability, our goal is to constantly improve on the reporting process and content…

2018 FirstBank Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability week

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Week

FirstBank Celebrates 2018 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Week across 8 Countries, over 800 Business Communities