People Empowerment

At the heart of building relationships within the Group lies the respect and value we place on our people. Our people sit at the heart of our value propositions.


As our respective franchises have grown, attracting new businesses and relationships, we have constantly sought, identified and adopted new ways of up-scaling the competencies of our people to drive the requisite transformation of our business models. Accordingly, our Group human resource development goal is to become a hub for the best talent in the industry, and we have structured our training and capability initiatives to focus on the competency requirements of the different roles and in line with industry requirements. Over the last seven years, at least 90% of the workforce has attended courses and programmes designed to boost their job performance and personal fulfillment.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our diverse working environments include employees of different ethnicities, genders, abilities, ages and cultural differences. We currently have nine women on the respective boards of the subsidiaries that make up FBN Holdings – which is the highest of any holding company in Nigeria.