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  • Small Business Loans
    Small Business Loans: Five ways to get your start-up ready for financing Most start-up businesses are created by entrepreneurs who use their funds and family members’ funds to start the business and run it at the initial stage. However when it’s time to grow the business and move up to the next level, finding that required level of funding is usually difficult. The options are to continue lendi… Read more
  • 5 Cheap and Easy Tools For Keeping Your Company Accounts Without Hiring an Accountant
    Running a business as an entrepreneur is mentally demanding, physically exhausting, and financially-taskingenough, especially in a business climate such as that of Nigeria where you are likely to face peculiar challenges in s… Read more
  • You Asked, How Can FirstBank Help My Business Grow?
    You are curious, what benefits do I stand to enjoy as a business owner and a FirstBank customer? What product and service does FirstBank offer that can help meet my ever-increasing financial demands? In fact, how can FirstBank help my business grow and expand, helping me to succeed fi… Read more
  • How To Wtrite A Winning Business Plan-Part 2
    It is good practice when writing a business plan to clearly and neatly organize useful and important information into appropriate sections and headings. This will make it easy for readers to grasp your points. If you have not read the first part of this post find it he… Read more
  • How To Write A Winning Business Plan- Part 1
    If you are reading this, you probably know what a business plan is. If you don’t, you are still in luck. To start with, think about a business plan as a compass that helps guide you towards your business goals. Writing a comprehensive business plan enables you focus o… Read more
  • Ask the Lawyers: The step-by-step guide to incorporating your Company in Nigeria
    To register a Limited Liability Company is not difficult, although this business entity (particularly at the post-incorporation stage) is strictly regulated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), the government body charged with the responsibility of incorporating, monitoring and regulating the affairs of corporate entities in Nigeri… Read more
  • Ask the Lawyers: Should I register a business name or incorporate a company?
    Usually, the earliest legal question on most Nigerian Startup Founders’ lips is, “what is the better legal entity, a Limited Liability Company (that is, a company with the suffix “limited” or “ltd”) or a Business Name. My response to this question doesn’t come earlier than I have first understood the corporate strategy and vision of the busin… Read more
  • Your Question: This Social Media Thing, How Can My Business Gain From It?
    The world is buzzing with social media activity. Facebook alone has over 1.5 billion monthly users (making it the largest “country” in the world; China trails in second place with 1.36 billion people). Twitter has 750 million subscribers. What… Read more
  • I Have An Idea: 5 Steps To Convert Your Ideas To Business
    Ideas they say rule the world. As true as that may seem, it is not entirely valid. Ideas by themselves alone do not rule. It is the right idea, acted upon and executed properly that can rule. Did you recently have a light bulb go on in your head, a flash of geniu… Read more

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