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This Is How Your Organization Can Benefit From FirstBank’s Contract Financing Product
The FirstBank’s Contract Financing Facility (CFF) product is a loan facility specially packaged for owners of small and medium (SME) business that execute contracts for FirstBank-approved principals. The loan facility will… Read more

Achieving Gender Balance: 4 Ways To Empower Women In Your Organization
Giving women equal opportunity in the workplace is important, more so in the extremely male-dominated Nigerian society. The truth is that the emergence of women in corporate or public life in Nigeria is actually very recent. The likes of Funmilayo … Read more

Going Digital: 4 Things Your Brand Must Do To Survive In A Digital World
The 21st century is undoubtedly digital. From Guttenberg’s printing press in 1436 AD to the almost omniscient Google Search Engine of 2015, the world has come a long way. Change in the consumption and supply of information in the last 50 years has been nothing short of phenomenal. For example, the Apollo 11, the first rocket to land men on the m… Read more

The 7 Rules For Staff Retention In Nigeria
The most important resource any company has is human resource. Profit, customer satisfaction, shareholder confidence, competitive edge, market dominance—everything rises and falls on the humans that drive your organization. It is thus simple logic that if your compa… Read more

How Can A Nigerian Company Maximize Ethnic Diversity?
Diversity is strength. Some years ago, I sat at dinner with the Head of Human Capital Management of a top global investment bank in New York. Her Bank, one of the top 3 largest investment banks in the world was recruiting fresh graduates from Nigerian Universiti… Read more