FirstBank Microsoft Partnership

Nigeria as the 2nd biggest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa boasts of the largest domestic market in Africa making it a highly attractive market for entrepreneurs. The large domestic market also provides entrepreneurs with opportunities for business growth and expansion across industries. The importance of an enabling environment to the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem cannot be overemphasized. With Nigeria ease of doing business ranking falling to 146 out of 189 economies; conducting business in Nigeria is quite challenging compared to other emerging market economies with one of the most obvious challenges being power, infrastructure, access to finance, access to resources & capacity building and supportive policy frameworks.

In view of our commitment to drive the growth of SMEs within the Nigerian context, FirstBank is activating important partnerships to provide relevant support to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. First of these many partnerships is FirstBank’s partnership with Microsoft to provide support to small and medium businesses in Nigeria by providing easy access to productivity tools, capacity building and a platform for SME education.

Benefits to SMEs

  • Ability to purchase Microsoft productivity tools i.e. office, power point, excel, outlook, skype for business etc. at a discounted rates lower than open market
  • Price quote and fulfilment in Naira instead of USD
  • Flexibility in subscription that allows for either monthly or yearly subscription
  • Flexibility in payment method to allow payment with account number or with card
  • Capacity building initiatives on the use of the MS productivity tools i.e. training on basic accounting practices, financial modelling, budget preparations, business pitches/marketing etc.
  • Free support on the purchase MS productivity tools
  • Access to premium Microsoft content addressing SME challenges to access markets, finance, technology etc.

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