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    An African Start – Up Icon: Firstbank Chairman, Awosika Speaks With CNN On Breaking The Glass Ceiling Mrs. Ibukun Awosika, Chairman, First Bank of Nigeria Limited and renowned entrepreneur spoke with CNN’s Zain Asher on how she launched into Entrepreneurship before she turned 26.  Awosika who is also the first female chairman of Nigeria’s premier financial institution, Fi… Read more


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  • The Tea Business
    The Tea Business From the year-round plantations in Kenya to the centuries-old bushes in Malawi, the continent has a rich and growing tradition when it comes to crafting the perfect brew known as Tea. Millions of African’s rely on this on a daily basis to get by and I know YOU do too hence our interest in the potentials this business has in Africa. In 2012, former corporate executive Swaady Marti… Read more



  • SMEs Making Apps and Food
    SMEs Making Apps and Food Did you know that with a population of over 170 million, mobile penetration of 75% percent and IT contribution of 10% to the GDP, Nigeria is fast becoming Africa’s go to economy for new tech startups to step into. A lot of opportunities can be found in every sector… Read more


  • Life In An App
    Life In An App!   Research shows that the best health care in Nigeria is available in private and non-profit medical facilities. These facilities still typically fail to meet international standards sometimes, due to challenges around inadequate funding, technology or personnel… Read more


  • Church Goes Digital
    Did you know that researchers say the number of African Christians will reach more than 1.1 billion by 2050. To meet the need of this expected growth, African churches have embraced the Digital world for admin, data and communication solutions in readiness for what the future holds. Created in 20… Read more
  • So Much About Coconut!
    African Start – Up: A FirstBank SMEConnect Initiative, in partnership with CNN. So Much About Coconut! Did you know that Nigeria can currently boast of 265,000 metric tonnes of coconut production, coming in at the 18th position of the world coconut production country index? As a country that is best… Read more


  • Want a Slice of Pizza?
    African Start – Up: A FirstBank SMEConnect Initiative, in partnership with CNN. Want a Slice of Pizza?   Chef Mbinina, the CEO of Gastronomie Pizza, the first fast food chain in Madagascar is a man of humble beginning. At the time he started his business in 2001, pi… Read more


  • Going Natural
    African Start – Up: A FirstBank SMEConnect Initiative, in partnership with CNN. Going Natural The story of Michelle Ntalami brings to mind the 16th century English proverb that says “Need taught him wit”. In 2012, Michelle was faced with hair breakages and stunted growth due to regular applications of sul… Read more


  • Lemon to Lemonade
    Life Gave Them Lemons, They Made Lemonade! Did you know that the first mention of lemonade is found in ancient Egyptian writings? This is proof that Africa has since been in the forefront of agriculture and its entire value chain. Nigeria is not left out with the CEO of a… Read more


  • End Hunger
    African Start – Up: A FirstBank SMEConnect Initiative, in partnership with CNN. End Hunger! Did you know that ZERO HUNGER is No. 2 on the list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed upon by world leaders at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on September 25, 2015? … Read more
  • Design That Food
    Did you know that Google created a food app to mimic the RIO Olympics which has recorded over 4 million interactions from the start of the tournament to date? Did you also know a lot of design is going into the way businesses handle actual food? That is how five African resta… Read more
  • The Bicycle Revolution
    Did you know that transportation contributes a paltry 1.41% to Nigeria’s GDP compared to 12.7% in South Africa and 5.1% in Kenya? This startling revelation shows the huge potential that exist for SMEs in this critical sector of the Nigerian economy. That also explains why FirstBank is at t… Read more
  • Let’s Go Farming
  • Are You In The Food Business?
  • Dreaming Of A Bar Business
  • Made In Rwanda Laptops?
  • Rwanda Clothing
  • What if Plastic Bags Were Banned
  • Drone
  • Quarterly
    Catch up as we go from Ethiopia, where a traditional handwoven cloth gets a makeover in the form of baby blankets, to Egypt, where an entrepreneur gives his love of street food a modern twist. In South Africa, a car-sharing service is helping customers beat traffic. All that and more; a new generation of Afric… Read more
  • Distillery Business
    At FirstBank, we support SMEs across all business segments hence our interest in growing business stories. This week on African Start-Up, we look at Distillery Business 031; a South African business out of Durban that caters to the growing consumer demand for quali… Read more
  • Little Gabies
    As a Bank, we are interested in the welfare of young people hence our array of products/services that speak to these group, from age zero. Read More…
  • Ahadootec
    As you get ready to shop with our cards and interact with our other products and services this summer, Ethiopia might be a destination you have in mind! If you take a trip to Ethiopia, look for Ahadootec, a company that makes innovative apps, from travel to education; the … Read more
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