SME Connect is a portal that houses FirstBank’s SME proposition-our approach towards banking and growing the SME sector.

The Portal will give SMEs access to:

Capacity Building

Trainings, workshops by Microsoft, Accounting Hub, Google and local seminars organized by FirstBank.


Access to FirstBank SME assets products (e.g First trader solution, LPO, IDF etc), liability products (First Current Business Account).


Provision of workspaces and access to internet by Swift


Office 365 (Microsoft)
– Sage accounting tool
– Access to Data by Swift
– Google my Business- Search Engine Optimization (Google)


– Provision of Legal services which include business registration and document review from Legex.
– Accounting Services from Accounting Hub
– Advisory services from SME Traction


Free Business Directory, Google my Business

Advocacy- Policy & Regulation

Access to information on government policies, programmes and funding as it concerns SMEs.

The unique selling proposition of the portal is the congregation of these products & services on one platform for easy access and at rates (prices) that are competitive and (in most cases) discounted. Simply put SMEs will get the best deals, at the same time have access to tools which will give their businesses the competitive edge they need to grow.

Join SMEConnect and access all the right solutions to grow your business.